May 24th, 2011

4 Alert For Sexual Health

Sexual cheap viagra is a central aspect of human life. This is not just absence of disease, weakness or dysfunction. But associated with emotional, mental and social welfare in the world of our sexuality. Not many are aware, many who deny. Many sexual cheap cialis activities damaged if disturbed. Not only sexual performance, but also your social and professional activities. These are four main signs to see if you are sexually healthy.


Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is the leading killer of most sexual health, you are invisible. Directly related to sexual performance. But it would be spread on your professional and social performance. Make sure you recognize the symptoms dininya: pain when urinating or having sex, out pus, pimples appear, or have sores on the genitals either you or the surrounding areas. Treat your doctor promptly. Never treat yourself because IMS is one of the intelligence he was able to immediately immunize themselves from inappropriate drug type and dose.

There is no psychosexual dysfunction.

The main picture of psychosexual dysfunction is there are barriers to taste (interest) there is sexual or sex barriers. This could include: inhibition of sexual appetite, inhibition of sexual arousal, inhibition of orgasm, premature ejaculation, impotence and more.

Many reasons why the emergence of psychosexual dysfunction. Generally always a combination of biological and psychological reasons. There are many therapies that are available for each of these types of dysfunction. If you experience this problem, listen to expert advice: do not ever feel embarrassed to come to the therapy center. For this case, the shame that most often make the problem worse rather than psychosexual dysfunction itself.

Determine your identity.

Identity disorder characterized by the existence of a discrepancy between the genitals with the identity type contained in a person. So a male genital beralat felt she was a woman or vice versa.

Type of identity disorder is not abnormal, deviation, or psychiatric disorders.

Disturbance (disorder) is distinguished from the disease (disease, illness). Sexual harassment is usually also strongly associated with self-acceptance and feelings of a very individual (different from one person to another). A drag queen, for example, initially may be susceptible to interference, identity, because experiencing the confusion with the "feeling different" which is owned and labels from the public. But once he realized and decided sexual orientation (as a homosexual) and identiftas gender (as women), then this person is not defined anymore as experiencing sexual harassment. Know, understand, seek help and determine the identity of you, that ye may be more comfortable with your own self. It's another sign you are sexually healthy.

Sexual orientation and self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance of sexual orientation may also be a sign of your sexual health. Not easy. This can be a lifelong struggle. But that life is more productive, more calm and confident, this problem need to look for a way out. Friends and professional assistance can help you through this period. This is connected with ourselves. Not someone else. No matter whether you are then open to other people or not, but we know our identity, for ourselves.

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